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Wedding Photography FAQs

So most websites have a page of frequently asked questions, but what is different about this one? Well this page is specifically for wedding photography FAQs and will aim to answer some of your questions before they’re even thought of. If anything isn’t answered on here, please get in touch and I will answer any others that you have.

“How soon do I need to book my wedding photographer?”
This is completely up to you, however most people book me with between 18-24 months to go until their big day. With this in mind, it is usually best to get in touch early to avoid disappointment and secure your date! If you are planning a wedding in less time, or need a wedding photographer last minute, still get in touch as I may still have availability!

“How far will you travel?” 
Although I am a Staffordshire wedding photographer, I am available to cover your wedding, where ever you decide to get married. Whether that is in neighbouring counties or further afield, or travelling around the UK and even further afield.

“What is the purpose of an engagement/pre-wedding shoot?”
An engagement portrait shoot is a great opportunity to spend some time with your photographer and their equipment. This means that when your big day arrives, you already have knowledge of how you need to stand and act in front of the camera and will also know how the photographer communicates.

“Why do photographers charge such different prices?” 
As with most products and services prices vary across the industry. There are several factors that affect photographers prices. From the equipment they use, the work they do once they have the photographs (editing), their skills and knowledge. I have a very creative eye and capture unique photographs of your big day, the photographs I take, I look at as art, not just a simple snapshot. On top of this, the length of time I spend photographing your wedding is doubled in the editing stage eg. 8 hours of photography = 16 hours of editing.

“How many photographs will we get from our wedding?” 
This varies dependant on the package that you choose, however on average, for a full days photography you will receive between 600-1200 photographs.

“What editing do you do to our photographs?” 
The post-processing phase is as important as the actual capturing of the photograph. Weddings test the skill of even the World’s elite photographers, moving from inside to outside, changing in light, settings etc. So in the editing phase I will do minor adjustments on each photo that has been taken (when you think there could be up to 1200, the time soon adds up!) and add my unique style to them. This means you’re getting the highest quality end product possible.

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